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Dental Services

Posted August 27, 2017 / Blog, Dental Health, Dental Services, Patient Care
Ryan Whalen

Dental Crowns 101

Sometimes in life you just need a do-over. That’s precisely what a crown is—a new start for your tooth. Teeth are important players in your life—they do everything from begin your digestion to make a great first impression—and you deserve a beautiful, fully functioning set. If your teeth need a boost in any way, or… (Read More)

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Posted May 27, 2017 / Blog, Dental Health, Dental News, Dental Services
Ryan Whalen

Dentistry for Kids: What the Tooth Fairy Won’t Tell You

Kids are constantly growing and changing, and their mouths are no exception! Throughout childhood, kids lose their baby teeth, gain adult teeth, and they begin to take ownership of their own oral health. From brushing to braces to practicing their smile, oral health is important for every kid at every stage. We know you love… (Read More)

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