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Meet Beamer: Our Lovable Therapy Dog

Everyone’s first question when they come into our office is usually, ‘Is Beamer here!?’ Believe me, we know how you feel – we all love our sweet Beamer. She is our special Office Mascot who brings a happiness to the office that only a dear pet can! I don’t think anyone could imagine our office without her.  Here is a little about everyone’s favorite Whalen Dentistry employee.

Hi, everyone! I am Beamer, the golden doodle and everyone’s favorite staff member at Whalen Dentistry. I was born on December 14, 2015, in Davidson, NC.

As a puppy, I was adopted by Keen Dog Training and spent the next few months training to be the best dog I can be! It was hard work because I love to play, wrestle and run, but hey, I’m not just a pretty face! I’m smart and a fast learner, too and I caught on quick! In April 2016, the Whalens came to get me and take me to my new home, and let me tell you – it is THE BEST!!

We take walks, go for runs, drop off the kids at the bus stop, chase squirrels, and the best part of all? I get to snuggle at bedtime with my girls, Belle and Lane, and listen to all of the stories that our mom and dad read to us. It’s great after a long day at work!

Which brings me to how I make my living – I’m a dentist! Well, my dad is actually the dentist, but I go to his office and spend the entire day making sure everyone stays on task and that our patients are comfortable and have a great experience. It can be tough work, but sometimes I let them scratch my belly because everyone needs a break during the work day. My favorite part of work is greeting all the wonderful patients who come in to see us. They love me so much, and I love them right back!  Anyone who wants to pet me and tell me how pretty I am is A-OK in my book. Overall, I am ONE LUCKY DOG. I love my job, my family, and our patients are the absolute best! 

Happy Holidays, everyone!