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The Importance of a Confident Smile

People who project self-confidence often have a brilliant smile and aren’t afraid to show it. Having white, straight teeth goes

5 Common Questions About Sedation Dentistry

For many Cornelius residents, one thing stands in the way of a healthy, beautiful smile – fear of the dentist!  Even routin

To Be or Not to Be Sugar-Free: The Facts About Artificial Sweeteners

Originally created for people unable to consume regular sugars, alternative and artificial sweeteners have become extremely popula

Meet Beamer: Our Lovable Therapy Dog

Everyone’s first question when they come into our office is usually, ‘Is Beamer here!?’ Believe me, we know how you feel &#

Can You Treat a Toothache at Home?

When you’re suddenly struck with a toothache, floating ideas of home remedies may quickly come to mind. Whether you heard it fro

Why Wisdom Teeth are Not So Wise

Most Cornelius folks have had some exposure to the concept of wisdom teeth. Perhaps you have had yours removed, are considering a

The Tooth About Teeth Grinding

Headaches in Cornelius are a dime a dozen. We all know the frustration of having your day interrupted by throbbing, shooting pains

Dental Crowns 101

Sometimes in life you just need a do-over. That’s precisely what a crown is—a new start for your tooth. Teeth are important pl

Dr. Whalen’s “Tooth Truths for Little Teeth”

TRUTH: BABY TEETH ARE IMPORTANT WHY: They help in speech development, with chewing and biting correctly, and creating space for th

When a Toothache is Not a Toothache

Most of us in Cornelius have experienced a toothache. At their mildest, toothaches may cause just enough discomfort to get on your